Surgeon’s House

The Surgeon’s House was built for Dr. Francis Bennett and his wife Elizabeth c1845. For 60 years Dr. Bennett performed all the functions of the local country doctor, from treating illness to emergency surgery. Dr. Bennett is remembered for campaigning against ’modern female dress and … the pernicious practices of tight lacing and wearing high […]

St James Anglican Church

The history of St James Anglican Church cannot be separated from that of its benefactor, Edward Charles Close, a former soldier who fought in the Napoleonic Wars, and who built the church on his own property in 1837 as an offering of thanks for his life spared in war. In 1874, the church suffered a […]

Astor Theatre

Originally erected as a primitive Methodist Chapel in 1856, the building later housed a school, and was converted to the Aster Theatre in 1921. The theatre suffered significant storm damage in 1929 and was restored to continue on as the Astor Theatre, where it provided entertainment, from silent movies to cinemascope until 1964 when it […]

Sims Cottages

These cottages provided accommodation for the workers of Sim and Sons Foundry. The demolition of Sim and Sons Foundry and Duncan Sim’s own two storey home in Swan Street occurred in the 1940s, but these modest cottages remain to our present day.

Former Methodist Parsonage

This former Methodist Parsonage dates to c1868 and served as the Minister’s House up until the mid 20th century. The building was renovated into a private residence in the 1970s.

Workers Cottages

By the mid 19th century several single storey double cottages in Swan Street housed the families of workers who were employed at the shipping company wharves or on the railway.

Sims Foundry

Duncan Sim came to Australia in 1842 and first worked as a woodcutter, then as a wheelwright. The business he established steadily progressed and for many years it was the largest of its type north of Newcastle. 60 men once worked here casting iron ovens, agricultural machinery, railway rolling stock, and other articles. D Sim […]